Internet Services

Space Security’s satellite internet services deliver full internet access to all of West Africa. Whether you have a company or organization with operations in West Africa, a military FOB, a remote hospital or a science mission far from services, our satellite internet for business is a perfect solution to providing you with internet connection and continual access to all aspects of your business or operations.

Our modern satellite internet offers services to support data, voice, and video applications. They are ideal for distance learning, disaster recovery, government, Internet café businesses, embassies, hotels, maritime transportations, banking and even mission-critical military applications. This new satellite internet access is designed to keep you connected to your corporate network, field agents, and operators.

But, it’s not just designed for the business side of life. It is also perfect for keeping you connected to family and friends when you are in an area without standard ISPs or emergency services. You can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently and at the same time, stream music, HD video, video chat, email large files, and more with top download speeds. At a competitive cost, these internet access solutions deliver a broadband Public IP connection. They are designed to provide users not just with satellite broadband internet, but also provide quality access and monthly savings. Our internet also supports business applications such as toll quality Voice over IP, Videoconferencing, and others such as VPN, CITRIX, and EFT, as well as intensive TCP or UDP streaming applications.

How it Works
- Much like satellite TV, our satellite internet comes directly to your remote location through a signal from satellites in space that are in geostationary orbit.
- The connection is established via VSAT terminal that transmits a signal to our ground station via geostationary satellite. Because of this, there is no worry over phone lines or landlines.

TDMA and FDMA platforms

Officially known as Space Security’s Dedicated Backbone Connectivity, our satellite internet services support multi-megabit IP links and provide 1st Tier routing to Public IP space.

To deliver internet access via satellite services, Space Security uses industry-leading VSAT platforms employing TDMA and FDMA satellite access, including high-performance Deterministic TDMA. (TDMA is a method used to enable several earth stations or VSAT terminals to transmit intermittently on the same frequency. FDMA is another method that gives users an individual allocation of one or several frequency bands or channels). Each of these methods are commonly used in satellite communications and refer to the traffic going back and forth between a computer and the base station. These methods support custom QoS profiles and deliver highly reliable SLA-backed satellite internet service on a custom-tailored basis. TDMA will also allow the configuration of BIR/CIR bandwidth levels.
As Space Security practices an application-centric approach, our goal is to deliver an exceptional broadband environment to support all your IP business needs.

Typical applications for Space Security’s satellite internet access services are:

  • Airports, hotel chains, hospitals (Telemedicine), Retail POS, schools and universities
  • Maritime satellite Internet access on cruise ships, private yachts, freighters, etc.
  • Government and Military locations (embassies, consulates, MWR for camps/FOB)
  • Financial institutions—banks, remote ATM locations, insurance offices, etc.
  • Enterprise networks
  • Internet Service Providers and VoIP carriers
  • DTH and Offices
  • Industrial monitoring and Public IP based data exchange networks
Key advantages of Space Security’s internet access by satellite are:
- Internet access by satellite IP Broadband
- Toll-quality VoIP and Videoconferencing
- High-performance platforms – TDMA and FDMA
- Satellite access designed to support your business applications
- Guaranteed Quality of Service via SLA (Service Level Agreement)
- High MTBF satellite routers, antenna reflectors, and radio components
- Flexible VSAT topologies, including standard Star and optional Full Mesh and Star/Mesh
- 24/7 Highly skilled technical support
- Hybrid IP networks with terrestrial cable extensions